First, let me tell you a little about myself, my family, and my Puppies.

I am the Manager of Best of puppies / Kennels, for 18 years, I’ve been involved with animals and agriculture all my life, I grew up and still live on our Trimm family farm. I received an Assoc. Degree in Animal Science and Reg. Animal Technician license in 1988 from TSTI in Waco, TX. For 10 years I worked in our local Hospital as a Medical Laboratory Tech. Assistant.

As my kids were little and the kennel grew, I decided to give up my work outside the home and I became 100% devoted to my family and animals. I have been breeding and raising French bulldog puppies for 18 years. I purchased my first breeding Trio in May 2000 and opened Grooming Shop/Services at home and it has been a DREAM come true.

Our dogs are 100% Disease Free. We vaccinate with NeoTech Vaccines which are the highest titered canine vaccines for the very best, and earliest protection against Parvo and Distemper.

We also Microchip all our puppies for our customers. We provide the Very Best to all our Dogs, Puppies and other animals.

We are a small kennel, and we don’t always have puppies available. But we do offer a waiting list.

Another Love/Hobby of mine is/was Barrel racing. I have been riding and training horses all my life. My partner is/was my daughter, we have traveled to the local Rodeos to compete for many yrs. (Due to an injury a few yrs back, I can’t ride much anymore but still LOVE the sport.) We also LOVE to go to the RED RIVER sandbars with family and friends and ride 4-wheelers and Side-by-sides.

My son is currently working in Iraq at this time and my daughter has become my partner in raising the puppies. She has her first Trio of Pugs (yes!! Pugs, those are her love breed, so say tuned for a few pics of those babies.) I Have 2 Grandsons, “Alex” and “Sam” which are my world.

Please call or email us with any questions you have.

We look very forward in hearing from you.

Thank You for visiting.

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